Founders Alliance – Encouraging Swedish Entreprenuership


I always find stories of entrepreneurs taking risks and accomplishing great successes so inspiring.  Today we were able to visit Founders Alliance, a network of over 600 Swedish entrepreneurs.  Upon qualifying for membership,  which requires 1 SEK of annual profit and 800,000 SEK in turnover, members are immersed in this entrepreneurial community.

Founders Alliance acts as an advocate for the growth of the Swedish business climate and the development of its members' start-up companies.  Whether an entrepreneur needs strategic advice or an ethical crisis has challenged a companies decision making process, seasoned and youthful professionals offer on-the-spot support.

Founders Alliance publishes an annual book that spotlights 35 of its members for distribution only within the members.  They also host multiple mixer events in which careful planning for networking opportunities take place.  Founders Alliance is also heavily invested in identifying and supporting young entrepreneurs in their endeavors.  They host several competitions annually including leveraging content in their book as a strategic puzzle which if solved correctly is rewarded.

From tech start-ups to apparel designers, Founders Alliance is successfully giving hope to entrepreneurs throughout Sweden.