The Cultural DNA – Social Responsibility

Prior to leaving Sweden, we were able to enjoy the social graces of Volvo Cars and their Volvo Brand Experience Centre. Even though Volvo has withstood the test of time and through multiple acquisitions, such as under the management of the Ford Motor Company and at present, Geely Automobile. Volvo has never lost its touch […]

The Swedish Inside Voice

As you walk through the various offices located at companies such as Klarna, Ziggy Creative Company, and even the noisy subway, you will find that Swedes are very quiet and tend to keep to themselves. It would feel out of place to see Swedes speaking loudly to each other in public places compared to other […]

Taking Innovation to New Levels

On Monday, 03 Jun, the venerable Team Helsinki made a delightful visit to a small yet innovative company founded by Darja Isaksson called Ziggy Creative Company. This company was formed with the aim to “…help you expand or innovate your digital business. By understanding your business core and your customer needs, we help you design […]

The Scandinavian Way

Hey everyone, this is Team Helsinki checking in live from Stockholm, Sweden! Team Helsinki is comprised of Huntington Beach natives Andrew Tran and Brandon Cook who will be focusing on the organizational differences between American and Scandinavian companies and how it affects their outlook and business prospectives. Check in with us periodically as we explore […]