Taking Innovation to New Levels

On Monday, 03 Jun, the venerable Team Helsinki made a delightful visit to a small yet innovative company founded by Darja Isaksson called Ziggy Creative Company. This company was formed with the aim to

“…help you expand or innovate your digital business. By understanding your business core and your customer needs, we help you design for the rapidly shifting expectations and behaviors of tomorrow.”

A common theme of social responsibility resonates with the Swedes as they progress their companies into the future. This theme of social responsibility and trust of society and the Government, stems from a tradition by the Kingdom of Sweden to provide for the people instead of taking advantage of them.

While visiting the main offices, you will also spy the relaxed nature of the Swedes with their wide-open offices and communal workspaces. No one really specifically has a permanent looking desk but instead mobile stations. This lends to the ability for group work and development that does not take place at a traditional American business that usually have privacy and isolation.

At Ziggy, we can especially see this trust in monitoring by a product that was developed in 25 months called Maingate. This product allows a person to monitor their energy usages at home by making their house a “Smart House”. With this ability, a homeowner can tailor their energy usages by monitoring peak hours as well as downtimes.

The concept and the development of such a simple yet important product was amazingly rolled out into public use in just 25 months. Although, many in the U.S. would gladly embrace such technology, there is also a difference between cultures. We as Americans would be more than happy to accept anything that would make our daily lives easier, however also becoming skeptical when the Government or other entities have the ability to look into our daily lives. If they are connected to our house, what else can they do? We also don’t necessarily think about the repercussions that would occur if we become more sustainable, it is as long as we has a personal benefit.

This can also be said for Klarna, another innovative company that Team Helsinki visited while in Stockholm. Klarna takes trust in social systems and Government to a whole new level that has yet to be seen by any typical American.

Founded in 2005 by Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Victor Jacobsson, and Niklas Adalberth, Klarna were poised to meet the consumer’s need for e-commerce yet allowing for a smooth transaction and taking on the role of middleman for the purchase of online products. When a customer buys a product with Klarna, not only will they check through the online buying system easily, they are also reprieved of any monetary debt until they receive the product and decide to keep it. All the customer must do is input their social profile page or their Government Social Security number to receive the item the ordered online.

This trust in the company with your Social Security number and the trust in the consumer will not scam the company when receiving a free product can be found no where in the U.S. It is incomprehensible that a system can work so well but due to the culture found in Scandinavia, trust in the people and Government is a vital way of life.