The Cultural DNA – Social Responsibility

Prior to leaving Sweden, we were able to enjoy the social graces of Volvo Cars and their Volvo Brand Experience Centre. Even though Volvo has withstood the test of time and through multiple acquisitions, such as under the management of the Ford Motor Company and at present, Geely Automobile. Volvo has never lost its touch and look. As we visited the factories and brand centre, we were shown the distinct look and feel that Volvo has instilled in its products over the years. To this day, you can directly trace the lineage Volvo Cars have created and designed since the original Volvo ÖV4.

The one longstanding principle and objective that Volvo still continues to this day is the requirement to keep people as safe as possible. Similar to the Swedish Government and many other Swedish companies, Volvo has taken on the personal goal of ensuring social responsibility in all they do and in this case it is ensuring that passengers in their vehicles are as safe as possible. This trait is dominant in a lot of Swedish companies due to the fact that the Swedish society as a whole are social liberals. Stemming from making purchases easier from Klarna, helping older immigrants in healthcare at Evea, to making technological strides at Ziggy for the everyday Swede. It is not hard to see that each company is always working to make human lives and human kind better. Although the smaller companies are regionally based to really shine their capabilities, Volvo is able to bring this culture of social responsibility to the entire world through its market expansions.

One important aspect is that Volvo is very adamant in their objective to ensure human safety is at the utmost priority. This objective is so high that they have promised that any person who drives in a Volvo will not die from any car crash by 2020. We were able to witness a prelude to this safety awareness by looking at an example of a car crash not too long ago. This accident had occurred on a snowy day where two cars had collided so badly that the whole passenger side of the Volvo had literally caved in. No person would have expected the passenger to survive, but lo and behold the person escaped with minor injuries.