The Swedish Inside Voice

As you walk through the various offices located at companies such as Klarna, Ziggy Creative Company, and even the noisy subway, you will find that Swedes are very quiet and tend to keep to themselves. It would feel out of place to see Swedes speaking loudly to each other in public places compared to other cultures such as Americans, where it is normal to hear conversations out loud.

This trait plays a big role in how Sweden interacts with the world and how it has provided defense products for Sweden. They take the same idea of keeping to themselves when providing for their own defense. When we visited SAAB Defence and Security, we were given the opportunity to gain insight into the complete portfolio overview of SAAB’s products and services that expanded over Air, Land, Naval, and Security. Many of SAAB’s products not only provide for the security of their people but also in the most efficient manner and products that also provide for the greater good such as enhanced air traffic control systems.

SAAB Defence and Security was initially founded in 1937 to produce airplanes for Sweden’s defense from attack during World War II. This mentality has been maintained until this day where Sweden intentionally keeps to its tradition of neutrality when it comes to international relations. SAAB also incorporates ethics into its business practices to a very high level, especially when selling its JAS 39 Gripen to other countries. They consciously limit sales to countries that will use their military ethically and only for self-defense.