Goodbye Scandinavia

Hi everyone, first and foremost, we want to tell you that our trip was absolutely incredible and something that we will never forget! Seeing different parts of the world makes you cherish all the of great things we have at home, as well as take back information that can benefit our lives and businesses in […]

The creativity in the Scandinavia

During the two weeks’ trip, we have enjoyed the beauty of Scandinavia. The scenery is gorgeous and the cities are full of artistic feeling. What surprised us most is the creativity that companies have here in Scandinavia. In Tallinn Technical University, I can tell that everybody was surprised by their conference room which can change […]

We Love Angry Birds!

Welcome to Finland! We are on the last part of our Scandinavian journey and we had the opportunity to visit Rovio, the company who created Angry Birds. Right as we walked in the building we were greeted by all of the Angry Bird characters that are iconic throughout the game and now brought to life […]

Diversity in Swedish companies

We have been visited several companies in Sweden. It is not hard to find that most of the leaders focus on the diversity for their team. Working with people from different countries seems like very common in Swedish companies. In Sandvik, we noticed that the company’s slogan is “Developing innovative solutions for a changing world”. […]

Conversionista – “Convert visitors into customers”

Conversionista! is a company that helps clients improve online conversion with a structured approach to designing, setting, implementing and following up conversion targets for their online audiences. When I first visit their website, I was caught by the red theme color and their slogan in Swedish “Gör besökare till under” which means to convert visitors […]

Final Thoughts and Farewell

For our last post we want to start by saying thank you to everyone we met on our trip for their wonderful hospitality and to simply take a few moments to share some of the things that left the biggest impression on us. First up will be Adi, followed by Nate and some final words […]

Saab Defense

Today we visited The Saab Aerospace and Defense headquarters. The company sits on top of a mountain on the outskirts of Gothenberg with amazing views of the city. When many people think of Saab they believe it’s an ex car manufacturer. But really Saab has many different divisions other then car manufacturing. In fact, Saab […]

Finally in Stockholm!

After our first stop in Gothenburg, we were finally heading to Stockholm! Stockholm is known for being the ‘silicon valley’ of Europe. Since we both have visited the San Francisco, we were eager to see the differences between the start up culture in Stockholm versus San Francisco. During our second day in Stockholm, we visited […]

Business School in Scandinavia

During our time in Scandinavia we haven’t just been learning about business culture and practices. We have also taken time to visit Tallinn University of Technical (TUT) and the Hanken School of Economics (Helsinki) to learn about the differences in business school study programs. It was a lot of fun getting to know some fellow […]

Business in Scandinavia – Stockholm – Part 2

We had a wonderful dinner at the “name of the island and hotel”. It was a great Viking experience, our friend Bjorn took us to this restaurant which replicated the Vikings dinner. It had no electricity and the whole room was lit with candle lights. They had the ancient type of dinner tables with animal […]