Last Company Visit – ResQ save the food wastage

Almost there! This is the last day of our travel course and we made the last company visit – ZenRobotics. ZenRobotics is a high technology company specialized in Artificial Intelligence controlled robotic system. It helps companies for startup. Currently there are four new companies there. Today we heard a presentation from one of these companies […]

Finland’s Huge Success – Angry Birds

We are finally here! As a super fans of Angry Birds, I was looking forward to visit Rovio. Rovio is a company focusing on animation and games. It is the founder of Angry Birds. The office of Rovio is like a game room. There are lots of decorations there. Even the packing on the drink bottles […]

E-Estonia Makes Life Easier!!!

We miss Estonia!! Especially the wifi there. Even though Estonia is the smallest country in Scandinavia, it has the best digital technology we have not seen before. Estonia is the first country that use 3G network all over the country. The wireless networks also cover the entire country. We experienced it when we traveled around the old […]

Keolis Represents French with Swedish Culture

Keolis is a public transport company including metro, railway, light rail, bus, tram, bike sharing and car parks. It has more than a decade of history. It has business in 15 countries, from French company to integrated global group. It is owned 70% by SNCF and 30% owned by investment bank in Canada which is […]

Similarity between Volvo Car Group and Sandvik

It almost comes to the end of our trip in Sweden. We visited a lot of companies while listening to many talks and sharing. Even though we got tired from the busy schedule, we still get good experiences from many local companies and speakers. Every speakers introduced their companies’ history, current business and future development, which […]

Business in Scandinavia 2016 Countdown

Five days later, we will stand on the land of Scandinavia and start our wonderful travel course there. Can’t wait for all the nice view, different culture experiences, famous local companies visits and of course delicious food there! Hope we can all come back with safety and wisdom.