Finland’s Huge Success – Angry Birds

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We are finally here! As a super fans of Angry Birds, I was looking forward to visit Rovio. Rovio is a company focusing on animation and games. It is the founder of Angry Birds. The office of Rovio is like a game room. There are lots of decorations there. Even the packing on the drink bottles has game characters. While we were there, it is like walking in the Angry Birds world. It is hard to tell how amazing the office is by words. Look at these pictures!

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Angry Birds is very successful in the mobile game market. It has over three billion downloads since 2009 and 480 million downloads in 2015. Rovio also actively works on social media. It has 26 million Facebook followers and 2 billion Youtube views which ranked as number one. Since the big success of Angry Birds, Rovio has higher brand awareness compares to Hello Kitty, Candy Crush and Frozen.

As a mobile game, Angry Birds also has business in other areas such as theme parks, movies and partnerships with different brands, H&M, Lego, McDonald's. Take Lego as an example, they present each other's logo on the cooperative products. In this way, they can add value for both companies and increase their band awareness. The partnerships have created win-win situation.

Even though Angry Birds has such big success so far, it is not easy to improve their performance in the future. The mobile game market has been one of the most competitive industry in recent years. There are more than 300,000 games are submitted to App Store each day. It is hard to keep people's interest on the same game for a long period of time. Most people have more than one mobile games downloaded in their smartphones. People always like to switch to different games. Moreover, different generations have different preference in choosing the games. Angry Birds might catch more attention in the younger generation. But it might lose the market apart from this generation. Also, different gender may choose different kinds of games. Males are more likely to play computer games which are more exciting. Females are more likely to choose relaxed games such as Angry Birds. Therefore, it's hard for Angry Birds to satisfied everyone's needs. The fierce market also creates a huge challenge for Rovio.

In order to overcome these disadvantages, there are several things Rovio needs to pay attention to. First, it has to solve discovery. Keep the exposure as wide as it can. Do not just relied on Apple store and Android market as its distribution channel. It can also launch new platform such as computer games. Second, focus on retention. It is not a good idea to sell the game only once. Try to make sure players are staying on and enjoying the games. Third, love the data. Statistic always tells the truth. It has to keep tracking of the data and analyze the changes. Lastly, live with the game. Sounds interesting but not that easy. It is essential to frequently update the content and features of the game. So the game can improve with the improvement of the market.