Last Company Visit – ResQ save the food wastage


Almost there! This is the last day of our travel course and we made the last company visit – ZenRobotics. ZenRobotics is a high technology company specialized in Artificial Intelligence controlled robotic system. It helps companies for startup. Currently there are four new companies there. Today we heard a presentation from one of these companies called ResQ.

ResQ is a platform that connect food providers and customers. It helps to prevent food being throw away and turn surplus from waste into opportunity. At the same you will get good quality, inexpensive restaurant food and get to know new restaurants around you. Its mission is to transfer valuable resources to valuable uses. For restaurant businesses, they have to make sure that the food they offered are fresh everyday. If they cannot sell all the food they made on that day, they have to sell that away in the evening. ResQ is an agent that prevent food wasting. When approaching to the restaurant closing time, restaurants can send the discount notice to ResQ which includes portion of leftover, type of food, price and latest pickup time. Then ResQ will post these information on the app. Customers can visit the app and choose the food they want to order and go to pickup on time.

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The business of ResQ has provided many benefits to both food providers and customers. For food providers, they can earn extra revenue form this innovative idea. Without cooperating with ResQ, they would just throw away leftover food and waste the costs. By selling leftover food, their is nearly no marginal cost since the food are already there. ResQ also bring more new customers to the restaurants since ResQ is an online platform which has different kinds of readers. Lastly, food providers can be labeled as responsible brand by using ResQ since it cares more about environmental protection. For customers, they have been offered more choices on food. Since there are more and more restaurants in the market, sometimes it is hard to choose one. But if you look at the app of ResQ, it may give you some ideas on which restaurant to choose. The most important benefit ResQ has provided to customers is cheap food. Customers are able to get high quality food by paying lower price. Which sounds attractive! More than that, buying food with ResQ can help the society to reduce food wastage.

The speaker has mentioned the idea of expanding ResQ to the United States. However, it would come out more difficulties. For example, some customers may just wait until the discounted period to see the deal of the restaurants instead of dining there. It might badly influence the regular business of the restaurants. Also, food safety is a big concern for ResQ. Let's take steak house as an example, they have to ensure the meat is still in high quality after the whole day. It is essential to maintain the food as the same quality if the customers are dining in the restaurants.  Otherwise the restaurants' image will be affected. But we are confident that ResQ can overcome these difficulties. We wish we can use ResQ in U.S. soon!

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