Similarity between Volvo Car Group and Sandvik

It almost comes to the end of our trip in Sweden. We visited a lot of companies while listening to many talks and sharing. Even though we got tired from the busy schedule, we still get good experiences from many local companies and speakers. Every speakers introduced their companies' history, current business and future development, which give us more understanding about their industries. From the visiting, we felt that Volvo Car Group and Sandvik are the two most impressive companies so we wold like to share our thoughts of these companies in this first blog.


Volvo Cars Group and Sandvik are both technology companies. They are more focus on safety than any other industries. Volvo as a Swedish company, it has pay more attention on safety than other car companies, which represent the Swedish culture. The most well-known goal for this company is to ensure no one is being killed or in serious injured in 2020. From the statistics given by the speaker, the percentage of people dying in Volvo cars is much lower than other brands. It showed that it already did a good job regarding safety issue. Sandvik puts high emphasis on the topic of safety too. While we were in the presentation, the first issue the speaker introduced is safety. She told us in every meetings the speaker would talk about safety first which surprised us since in US we only put a check-mark on safety but we never do a real work on it.


Volvo Cars Group and Sandvik are both international companies so they need to integrate culture diversity. Volvo Cars Group as a worldwide famous brand has expanded to Western Europe, China and US. For example, in order to integrate the Chinese culture, the company always hires local employees instead of sending Swedish managers to explore the Chinese market. It even creates Cultural Awareness Programs for employees to exposure to new regions. In the result of this program, the employees can better understand culture differences between regions which lead to a big success of Volvo company today. In the presentation from Sandvik company, the speaker emphasized on culture diversity and inclusion which has a good result in creating a culture innovation while attracting and retaining best people.


More than safety and culture diversity, Volvo Car Group and Sandvik are both innovative. Volvo launches a series of new model almost every year. The design has been more fashionable and incredible than previous years. For example, the company has a plan of producing automatic drive in 2017. More than that, it is developing electric cars. It will be launched in the market soon. Sandvik has over 60 research and development centers in the world and it has a lot of expertise. It also has three billion investment in R&D to explore new product.

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After our visit in these two companies, we found that Swedish companies put a lot of effort in safety and innovation. Safety makes the company more trustable than others. Innovation helps the company to attract more customers and has better development in the future.