Every End Is a New Beginning

After Estonia, we took the ship that Clas called it “Speed Boat” to Helsinki, Finland. We were expecting that the ship that called “Speed Boat” will be something that small and fast…. But no, all of us was wrong. The ship is the same size as the one that we took from Sweden to Estonia. […]

Estonia, A Digital Country

5th June, 2016, after getting off the boat to Estonia, we had wonderful day to discover this small beautiful country. This is the first time we been in Estonia, and like other countries, we had a lot of unforgettable experience and learned a great deal of new things in this city. Estonia has 45.227 square […]

“Keolis” & Public Transport in Sweden

Having supper happy night with live karaoke and amazing food on the second night at Stockholm, we keep moving on our journey to understand more about public transport systems. After a few days here, I learned that the public transport system in Sweden is very well organized and easily accessible with over a hundred metro […]

Next Stop: the classy city “Stockholm”

    Our next stop in Scandinavia is the gorgeous city, Stockholm. Stockholm is an very unique city because it is built on islands and surrounded by water. We took the SJ train from Gothenburg in the early morning, however, there was an accident that cause us arrived in Stockholm 1.30 hours later than our […]

Landing in wonderful city “Gothenburg”

While we are writing this blog, we are currently on the super fast  SJ train heading to Stockholm, the public transport in Sweden is really good, more than half of the people in Gothenburg city using busses, trams and ferry! rather than their personal car. For tourists, we can use the application called Vasttrafik To-Go […]

Taking off!!

Hello Xin Chào Sawasdee, Team 16-6 is here, we are more than ready for the Business Trip in Scandinavia Swiss: Hei!, my name is Swiss Pranootnaraparn, ignore my super duper long last name, you can call me “Swiss :)”. I’m 28 year old MBA student from Thailand!. I just finished my 1st year Full-Time MBA […]