Landing in wonderful city “Gothenburg”

While we are writing this blog, we are currently on the super fast  SJ train heading to Stockholm, the public transport in Sweden is really good, more than half of the people in Gothenburg city using busses, trams and ferry! rather than their personal car. For tourists, we can use the application called Vasttrafik To-Go to get any public transport in advance, which is we supposed to get the ticket in advance before we using the busses but not tram. Another application that we can use to find a route from the current location to other location is Vasttrafik Reseplanerare. One of the new project from the Lindholmen Science park is the ropeway from the downtown Gothenburg to the Lindholmen science park and then spread out the the whole Gothenburg city.


Central Station at 11pm

On the very first day of the trip in Gothenburg, we went to visit couple places which are Lindholmen Science Park and Volvo Car. Lindholmen Science Park is an international collaborative environment working space, which is focusing on education, research and innovation within the areas ICT, Transportation and Media. At the Lindholmen Science park, they offer an open arena for each company can run a collaborative project.


Open Arena at Lindholmen Science Park

The company that i used to work for in Thailand has the area similar to this as well, they called it “Collaboration Area”, However, the company does not allow the people from other company to using the area, Lindholmen Science Park’s open arena is different. When companies can open their mind and be able to share their technologies with others, they might come up with the innovative product that can change the world.

Volvo Car

Volvo's Scalable Platform Architecture

Volvo Car Company was founded in 1927 by 2 guys who working at ball bearing company. They got took over by Ford Motor Company in 1999 before the Geely Holding Group form China acquired them from ford in 2010. What I can learn from Volvo can is no matter how many time the company got taken by other companies from the different continents, they never changed their main core product or the core strategy. Most of the time, in south east asia, when the companies got taken over by other company, the new owner trying to merge the two companies together and trying to change their culture, which can lead to losing a good employees who can not adapt to the new culture. From Volvo Car perspective, they never say that Geely is the owner of Volvo car, but they using the word “Family”.

Lastly, we finished our first day in Gothenburg with a super delicious food at the Michelin guide' restaurant called “Hos Pelle”.


Main Dish at Hos Pelle


Main Dish at Hos Pelle