Every End Is a New Beginning

After Estonia, we took the ship that Clas called it “Speed Boat” to Helsinki, Finland. We were expecting that the ship that called “Speed Boat” will be something that small and fast…. But no, all of us was wrong. The ship is the same size as the one that we took from Sweden to Estonia. The ship takes about one and a half hour on the peaceful Baltic sea taking us from Tallinn to Helsinki. The first impression about Finnish people is “Smile”, which we rarely see from Estonian. The first place that we visited in Helsinki is the University called Hanken. We met several international students there.

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On the next day, we went to visited Rovio Company, which is the one who created gorgeous and magnificent character “Angry Bird”. Rovio is one of the market leader in the mobile game business. The brand awareness of the Rovio is very high, however, unlike Disney or Toy Story, we might say that people can recognize the character “Angry Bird” more than the company name itself. As the hometown of Angry Bird, right after we opened the door, we found tons of Angry Birds characters at the lobby, which is super cool. They provided good resting area for their employees, not only table game or pool table, the view behind their office is amazing as well. The office is located at one of the lake in Helsinki, this beautiful view can make people inspired more than the normal office view. In many part of Asia, we have so many places that can be counted as inspiration point like this; thus, we should duplicate this office idea to use it in our country too.

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Time flies so fast, finally we are on the last day of the trip. It is the time for us to think about what we have experienced in the trip, what we have learned from it and how we can use this knowledge to contribute to our countries. In fact, my country – Vietnam – is still a developing country, there are lot of things need to do to help my country. In fact, I have gained a great deal of experience through this trip, the biggest lesson that I think useful and necessary to apply to my country immediately is public transport. If you have been in Vietnam one time, I pretty sure the traffic will be your first impression in the country, you will see how crazy the traffic in Vietnam and there are many articles discussing about “How to survive to the crazy Vietnamese traffic?”. This is the problem of not only Vietnamese government but also people living there. From what I have observed and learned about public transport system during the travel time, I am sure that Vietnamese government can be able to reduce the traffic by motivating people using public transport if they install and operate buses system like what Keolis company are doing.


The next thing that I think Vietnam should start to focus right now is building e-society system. The Vietnamese government system now is very complicated which takes a lot of time for people to register their business, do taxes declaration and so on. So if Vietnam can learn and apply the e-government system like Estonia, it will save a lot of time and money for the government and people and make people's life easier and more convenience.