The creativity in the Scandinavia

During the two weeks’ trip, we have enjoyed the beauty of Scandinavia. The scenery is gorgeous and the cities are full of artistic feeling. What surprised us most is the creativity that companies have here in Scandinavia. In Tallinn Technical University, I can tell that everybody was surprised by their conference room which can change […]

Diversity in Swedish companies

We have been visited several companies in Sweden. It is not hard to find that most of the leaders focus on the diversity for their team. Working with people from different countries seems like very common in Swedish companies. In Sandvik, we noticed that the company’s slogan is “Developing innovative solutions for a changing world”. […]

Open culture of Swedish companies

During the trip in Sweden, we realized that China has been frequently mentioned in the presentations. I am surprised that Swedish companies have lots of connection & cooperation with Chinese companies. Although SAAB has no Chinese clients, they still follow updates of HuaWei Company which they consider as their strong competitor. Generally speaking, if a […]

This is how we think about Scandinavia before going

Scandinavia is always the dream place since I was young. My father once took business trip to there and brought back a lot of beautiful pictures. There has blue ocean There has green park There has nice view There has cool sculpture There has clean street There have solders in different heights…… I am so […]