Open culture of Swedish companies


During the trip in Sweden, we realized that China has been frequently mentioned in the presentations. I am surprised that Swedish companies have lots of connection & cooperation with Chinese companies. Although SAAB has no Chinese clients, they still follow updates of HuaWei Company which they consider as their strong competitor.

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Generally speaking, if a person wants to know himself/herself better, he/she needs to go out to do social networking with others, It will be difficult to know yourself without communicating with others. Same as culture. Companies need to go out and communicate with others to find a better position for itself. We found that Swedish companies that we visited are very open to other cultures.


Anderson mentioned about Baidu and Yandex  in the presentation at Zooma. These are the Chinese and Russian searching engines that are very popular in local. In China, we used Baidu often because we are not allowed to access Google. However, when I study in the U.S. I still think Baidu is useful. The channel that we get information is extremely important. As business students, we need to think. Is there only one channel for us to get information? Is the information that I get has any bias? Which is right when information does not match from different channels? Going out to get more information from different channel is necessary if we need to know ourselves better.


The East India Ship Götheborg has very strong relationship with China. In 1745, Götheborg Ⅰ first went to China and exchanged goods from Asia. However, the ship sank before it came back to the Gothenburg port.  In 2003, the ship was newly rebuilt and sailed to China in 2005. It was a big news in China at that time. It is hard to imagine that hundreds of years ago people took several months traveling from Sweden to China. Hundreds of years later, we just took several hours from China to Sweden to do the business trip. Communication between these two countries has never ends. Their slogan is “Where God Leads, Nothing Hurts” I truly believe that the culture communication will get deeper in the future.