The creativity in the Scandinavia

During the two weeks’ trip, we have enjoyed the beauty of Scandinavia. The scenery is gorgeous and the cities are full of artistic feeling. What surprised us most is the creativity that companies have here in Scandinavia.


In Tallinn Technical University, I can tell that everybody was surprised by their conference room which can change the light of roof and the color of the glasses. When he represented the change I can definitely see his proud on his face.


Another creative side of the school was the “Hugging Circle”. When somebody stand on the circle, people will come and give him/her a hug. This is so sweet for people who work here, because people may have pressure sometimes with the work, but a hug can heal the pain. This is creative as well as humanize.


On their wall we found their mission:


Rovio may be another example for having creative decoration of their office. When everybody walks into the Rovio company, we were all delighted by those cute and creative decorations and took pictures with them.


Their mission is “Delight the World”. We found that they even install “Angry Birds” game at the design museum of Helsinki. While parents are watching the exhibitors children can have fun with the games. We saw a boy really enjoyed playing this game, and after several trying, he “hooray”ed like a winner. The game delighted the boy at that moment. That is a perfect place for working. It was like living in a game and become part of it.




Even on the street, there are many shops that own by artists. They either own their personal design or they either displaying paintings for selling. Every time we went through those shops, we appreciated those goods that they displayed. The art became another type of scenery which makes Scandinavia special.

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Scandinavian has a good reputation for its creative and innovative features for a long time. We feel so lucky and appreciated to get involved in this course and have a chance to experience the unique characteristic of Nordic companies.