DENMARK. The Place to be.

I have been waiting for this place for a long time.  For five years, I have been wanting to go to Denmark.  I had such high expectation of this place.  And it delivered. It was not much about the company visits that anticipated me, but the country as a whole.  According to certain studies, Danish […]

A Breath of Fresh Freedom.

After about walking about 6 miles from one company to another, we were finally free to go.  After all, it was Friday.  I have finally completed a week of Sweden!  Time seems to fly so fast when I am always busy.  Ali gathered the group to eat at the Pelikan.  Although the price was on […]

Back at it again… Stockholm Chapter 2.

After our last day at Lycksele, I was on my way back to Stockholm… I missed you Radisson Blu. Next day, we went on our way to Finland Embassy where we got the gist of the business side of Finland.  As a geographically and historically uneducated student I am, I was surprised to know that […]

My Experience in Lycksele.

After 40 minutes of bus ride, 1 hour of flight after 30 minutes of flight delay, additional 2 hours of bus ride, we finally arrived at Lycksele, a small city northern part of Sweden.  Upon arrival, I noticed how beautiful and untouched by the industrialization. Our lodge faced a beautiful lake.  I did not expect I […]

Culture Shock.

As a Korean-American resident who lived in Southern California for the past 17 years, I was surprised to see that how much of a cultural difference existed between USA and Sweden. On Sunday evening of my arrival, I wanted to visit the convenience store to buy some foods and beverages, but most of the stores […]