Back at it again… Stockholm Chapter 2.

After our last day at Lycksele, I was on my way back to Stockholm… I missed you Radisson Blu.

Next day, we went on our way to Finland Embassy where we got the gist of the business side of Finland.  As a geographically and historically uneducated student I am, I was surprised to know that Finland and Sweden used to be the same country.

Finland has an advanced pharmaceutical infrastructure, due to lenient medical restrictions and regulation.  Therefore, it is easier for pharmaceutical companies to pass and release pharmacies in there.  They are also known for its R&D.  Many companies invest in Finland as their R&D center.

Overall I loved the presentation from Lars.  His powerpoint was professional and he seemed like he has anticipated on our arrival.

After Finland Embassy, we marched towards Narva to learn more about Swedish politics.  Nowadays, Sweden is less liberal and leaning more towards the conservative side. (The gentleman from Lycksele was right!) Swedish politicians are concerned about immigration and how to properly manage them.  The Swedish government is concerned about how much immigration will cost us.  When it comes to politics, the Swedish government looks up to the government of United States and integrate its form and properly imitate and integrate it into Swedish context.

After confirming from Narva that Swedish are not all that liberal and immigration friendly, we headed towards Norrsken.  I call Norrsken the second coming of Silicon Valley.  It was basically the home of Swedish tech savvy dreamers who dreams of becoming Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs.  Jokes aside, I loved how decorated this place was.  It has great integration of modern architecture infused with a plethora of green plants (and endless amount of caffeine).  As much as I liked the environment of this place, I was confused on its business model.  How does Norrsken make its money?  How much equity do they take away from the start ups in exchange for funding and a place to stay?  I wish they were a little clear about this because it is an innovative business.

I was even more confused at Einride.  I was not sure if this company was a logistics company for auto-driving truck, or manufacturer of electric, self-driving truck.   Who are the clients of this company?  What do they exactly sell?  If they were in a startup incubator program just couple years ago, how were they able to come up with self-driving technology that took Tesla years yet still incomplete?  I was left with more questions than answers…. or maybe I was just too tired to understand after walking around for over 5 miles in one day.