A Breath of Fresh Freedom.

After about walking about 6 miles from one company to another, we were finally free to go.  After all, it was Friday.  I have finally completed a week of Sweden!  Time seems to fly so fast when I am always busy.  Ali gathered the group to eat at the Pelikan.  Although the price was on the higher side, the food was great!  I had Swedish meatball dish and I must say, it exceeded my expectations.  It was like the meatball I ate at IKEA back in State but more gourmet.  I was tired and hungry, any foods at the moment will be good for me.

After satisfying my needs for food, we decided to go to the rooftop bar, as it was Friday and night was still young.  We arrived at the bar at around 11PM.  The line was long but moved faster than I expected.  After we got into the bar, we ordered some drinks and was disappointed that the drinks were watered down, the music was subpar, and had a hard time looking for my friends in a loud with limited internet connectivity.  Although the ambiance was disappointing, a good company made up for it.  I was able to know my classmates better with alcohol in my system.  It's the work of speakeasy.

Next day, we had a free day all afternoon.  After catching up on my much needed sleep, I went to Seven-Eleven to get my daily dose of “koffein” and headed straight down to the gym.  I have been eating and drinking so much without exercise.  I felt like a sloth, and the gym was conveniently at the hotel so I do not have to suck my stomach in shame anymore.

After the gym, I bought some clothes from the downtown.  The price of laundry at the hotel was extreme enough for me to feel the need to purchase rather than wash my own clothes

When everyone decided to go to the soccer game, Joy and I decided to go on a ghost tour instead and I must say, I have no regrets.  We got to listen to the history of Sweden with entertainment and rumors to prevent this tour from turning into a history textbook.

After Ghost Walk, we went to the restaurant, The Hairy Pig, to satisfy my growling stomach. However, the only gripe was that service was extrememly slow!  We arrived at 9PM but the food was not served until 10:30PM.  that is 1.5 hours of me twirling fork around while attempting to refresh my newsfeed with 2G internet.  However, when the food was extremley good.  I guess you can say the food was worth the wait.