My Experience in Lycksele.

After 40 minutes of bus ride, 1 hour of flight after 30 minutes of flight delay, additional 2 hours of bus ride, we finally arrived at Lycksele, a small city northern part of Sweden.  Upon arrival, I noticed how beautiful and untouched by the industrialization.

Our lodge faced a beautiful lake.  I did not expect I was ever going to get a chance to stay a night in an environment with such a view.  Upon dropping my luggage off, I went to the hotel to the workshop.  To be honest, I had no idea what the workshop was about because of lack of information provided.  My group consisted of Annika, Peter, Tomas, Erika, Joy, Danielle, and April.  Initially, our topic was Smart Health Care.  Upon arrival, we were informed that we are focusing on health care for premature infants.  Initially, I was not interested in the topic of infants but started to take interest in the topic as I contributed more effort into the project.

The real Lyckesele experience began after the workshop.  I was offered a reindeer dish.  It was my first time trying out a reindeer and I must say it was quite good, albeit smelled a little unusual.  I jumped into the river for the first time in my life.  It was too cold to the point of hypothermia but I must say it was a great experience that will stay in my memory for the rest of my life.

Because the sun does not set in Lycksele during the summer, I still felt energetic at 10:30PM, so I decided to go for a 4 mile jog.  Back home, I would never even think about jogging at this hour for my safety.  However, in Lycksele, I felt safe enough to jog alone at night. I guess I have confidence in Swedish folks.

It was Day 2.  I was back at the workshop, ready to work on our project.  Day 2 was when we actually made a big progress in our project.  April made a prototype of how our idea might look like in a physical form.  While working on a We noticed an unusual behavior of our group member Erika.  I did not find her a little odd, but April seemed frightened of her.  Erika showed vast attention towards her.

On Day 3, we prepped for our presentation.  we rehearsed about five times before presenting.  Even though we ran over 3 minutes on our presentation, we placed 2nd place and was award with some cash reward.  I was a little bit disappointed the reward went towards the company.  I had hoped that some of the rewards would be directed to us.

Overall, my experience in Lycksel was generally positive.  I have lived in the city my entire life, experiencing my life outside of urbanized city was a nice change of environment.  Lycksele helped me realize my love for nature and silence.