Company visit in Copenhagen

On June 5, we took the train to Copenhagen from Gothenburg. We visited four companies in two days which were Aquaporin, Orsted, Maersk and Financial Stabilitet.   Aquaporin is a company provides water purification technology. They created a water treatment with low energy consumption and high rejection of harmful pollutants that ensures safe and healthy drinking […]

Digital Marketing at Zooma

On our last day in Gothenburg, we visited Zooma. It is a digital marketing agency that is working mainly in B2B with global companies. Anders Bjorklund, who is the CEO of the company gave us an interesting presentation on the issues in the digital marketing area. Currently, using digital platforms has been hot but companies […]

Last two days in Stockholm

We came back to Stockholm from Lycksele and had another company visits for the first day. At Finnish Embassy, we learned why we should invest in Finland. Sweden and Finland had been the same country for over 600 years, which is why they have a close relationship and Finland is considered as a home market […]

Smart Growth in Lycksele

On the day 2, we traveled to Lycksele which is a small town located in the north of Sweden. We stayed at the side of a beautiful river where we could enjoy the scenery. In Lycksele, we attended a conference and were divided into groups with local Swedish people. At the workshop, we had a […]

Company vists in Stockholm, Day 1

Our Scandinavian travel course started from visiting Stockholm, the capital city in Sweden. On the first day, we visited three companies; Dangens Samhalle, Northvolt, and H&M. Dagens Samhalle is a public media company that takes advantage of digital platform. There we had a chance to learn deeply about interesting Swedish culture. Although Swedish think that […]