Smart Growth in Lycksele

On the day 2, we traveled to Lycksele which is a small town located in the north of Sweden. We stayed at the side of a beautiful river where we could enjoy the scenery. In Lycksele, we attended a conference and were divided into groups with local Swedish people. At the workshop, we had a discussion topic of smart tourism, which could be made possible by using the sustainable resource in the local area. The idea originally given to us was “unconference on the go” which let people have a conference in the beautiful natural settings in Sweden.

For this topic, we concluded to implement a service called ‘Meet Nature’. The approach we came up was as a provider of this service, we prepare tailor-made programs for customers who are not limited to corporations but also other organizations such as universities and groups to have retreats and networking events. This service could fulfill the needs of people who want to establish a team bonding, have a private and silent meeting to bring about creativity which is often limited in a confined conference room. The benefits of implementing this service would be to increase the business of local tourism while taking advantage of the wild nature unique to the area, which can be used sustainably in the future. This also fulfills the desire to refresh their mind during meetings since human bodies are not made to be sitting for a long time but to be moving. Our plan is to partner up with local corporations such as transportations and airlines to bring customers, and also with outdoor clothing brands to promote going out in nature.

Furthermore, we had a discussion topic of smart healthcare. Our group had four members from healthcare council and the topic focused on the premature baby. In reality, it is about 10% on average born in premature. What made me surprise was these babies are sensitive to the noises. Even they have different kinds of babies carriage were launched in the current market, none of them consist both noise reduction and safety. The reason they came up with the idea is one of our team members focuses on this topic for a while. She is an architect but started concentrating on human resource since she believed health care is always related to human. Additionally, kangaroo care is an effective method for premature infants. To organize the idea, we used the notes to collect all the ideas we came up with.


We ended up producing a product called “ROO”, which means comfortable in Swedish. The product was a smart solution baby carrier for premature infants. It consisted of two parts: a softcore offering comfort and adjustability and a hard shell offering protection and noise reduction technology. We also made a sample to show the product’s appearance and won the second place and 30,000 kronor for the competition.


It is a meaningful experience to work with these people in the workshop. Also, knowing more innovation from other groups in the different topic.