Company visit in Copenhagen

On June 5, we took the train to Copenhagen from Gothenburg. We visited four companies in two days which were Aquaporin, Orsted, Maersk and Financial Stabilitet.


Aquaporin is a company provides water purification technology. They created a water treatment with low energy consumption and high rejection of harmful pollutants that ensures safe and healthy drinking water. Aquaporin has developed a new high flux tap water treatment RO membrane. They also entered the Chinese market and developed BluePro which is a water purifier. Their main advantage is the low water waste making high recycling rate. In my point of view, it is a successful innovation for environment-friendly.

Originally, Orsted focused on Danish oil and natural gas. They are pursuing sustainable energy currently and offered offshore wind. There were four business areas in Orsted which are offshore wind, conventional power plants, oil and gas, and distribution grids. However, Utilization of Europe LNG capacity is going down and gas storage profit washed away.  It made Orsted lose their track. Since the wind power cost is huge, Orsted developed larger sites and installed larger turbines to reduce installation cycles and operations and maintenance cost. In the future, they expected to invest more in offshore wind since it is pioneer new market. Their vision is let's create a world that runs entirely on green energy.

Maersk is the shipping, logistics company. It is the world's largest container shipping company and also the largest company in Denmark. When Maersk was still a conglomerate, it did not help the growth till 2015. The industry trend is changing too. To achieve the low profit and economical of scale and profit pools in the adjacent business, they focused on consolidation and value chain expansion. Also, they cannot ignore the influence of digital technology. They used algorithmic pricing and front-end and back-end optimization. Even Maersk does not support Donald Trump, he gave the physical demand growth of the world.

The last company visit is Financial Stabilitet. It is a part of an agreement between the Danish State and the Danish banking sector on a scheme to secure financial stability. Basically, they work for Danish government for regulation and supervision. Henrik Bjerre is a CEO of the company. He gave us a clear resolution of Danish bank from past to future. He talked about bail-out of failing banks are only possible in exceptional circumstances and only outside the banking union. Also, precautionary recapitalization and liquidation including state aid are more likely. Henrik Bjerre is professional and knowledgeable to give us lots of aspects of the financial sector.

Nowadays, companies started pursuing sustainability. We visited several companies relating to green energy. It would be a main potential market in the future. After we browsed around Scandinavia. I found that the Scandinavian culture is totally different than Asian or American culture. People in here enjoy more on their life, not the jobs. Their lifestyle is more relaxing not as stressful as Asian. Staying in Scandinavia for almost two weeks is a meaningful experience. Not only catching the trend of other industries that expected for the future but also learning some of their lifestyles to make our life much better.