Last two days in Stockholm

We came back to Stockholm from Lycksele and had another company visits for the first day. At Finnish Embassy, we learned why we should invest in Finland. Sweden and Finland had been the same country for over 600 years, which is why they have a close relationship and Finland is considered as a home market for Sweden in current days as well.

There are several reasons why Finland is suitable for the foreign direct investment that drives growth. Firstly, Finland is an R&D hotspot nowadays. Several foreign countries have set up R&D bases in Finland and technology innovations are frequently developed there. There is also an event called Slush every year in Helsinki. This event is an innovation platform which brings together the leading actors of global technology. Secondly, the government strategy supports the digital economy, which enables research collaborations with universities and R&D funding. Thirdly, scientists and engineers are best available in Finland with best education and training systems in the world. Lastly, Finland has the best global competitiveness, which results from global innovation, the perception of corruption, human development, and prosperity.

Another place we visited was Norrsken House. This provides an office place for entrepreneurs and aims to enable impact unicorn. Here, it strives to create an environment that supports those entrepreneurs. We had a chance to look around the office space where had a beautiful open space and plenty of meeting rooms where entrepreneurs can comfortably collaborate with another. Also, the area was surrounded by plants. There was also a meditation room, which was a surprise to me, and people can practice yoga or refresh their mind in the quiet room. The workplace was designed to enhance creativity and I learned that innovations start from places like Norrsken House.

The last company visiting was Einride which founded in 2016. It was kind of similar industry to Northvolt which focuses on energy transformation, Einride's goal for transport solution is safe, cost-efficient and emission-free. T-pod is the first transport vehicle designed and developed for self-driving electric propulsion. Einride’s mission is to be a major contributor to a sustainable society by lowering the carbon dioxide emissions of the transport industry. And they are going to build a new branch in the US soon.

The last day we had a chance to participate in the ghost tour in Gamla Stan, which is an old town in Stockholm. The host wore an outfit from the past and talked about the history. There was one about the period of the black death. When it spread in Sweden, no one knew the reason for the black death and how to cure in the beginning. Therefore, the plague doctors wore the beak-like masks since they believed the dust in the air is the main reason for the disease. They usually went with the priest to visit the patients. However, the doctors didn't cure the patients but told them how long they still could live and locked them in the houses.

The host was impressive and used some evidence or stuffs to express the mode at that time and made me enjoy the tour more.