The Future of Organizational Behavior

From some of our recent meetings it appears that the future is looking bright for those who prefer to work away from their offices. Geographical freedom is gaining traction as the internet allows everyone to do everything from everywhere. While at the Center for Internet Excellence we were presented their work on “3D Internet”. This […]

Globalization of Mobile Phones

Today’s society is one of infinite connectedness. There are no longer places in the world out of reach from that annoying ringing of a telephone. Some of the more privileged in our society have had the ability to make calls from anywhere with satellite phone technology. Now it is possible from nearly everyone to make […]

Organizational Behavior in the Nest of the Mighty Eagle

The mobile application Angry Birds has become a worldwide phenomenon. During our short stay in Helsinki the group was fortunate enough to visit Rovio Entertainment, they are the creators of this simple yet addicting game. Intense branding efforts were not the only thing that stood out, Rovio also has a unique office format. A lack […]

Swedish Parliament Member, Sven-Erik Bucht

Discussing Haparanda-Torino a single city divided by an international border. Sven described the unique nature of these two politically distinct, but culturally aligned cities. Found out more at their website: l

Anthony Okuogume from Kemi-Torino University

Anthony Okuogume told us about an exciting new idea he has for one of his university level courses. He hopes to use a wiki to create a book on managing organizations. This project will build on the success that has already been realized from “crowdsourced” endeavors like Wikipedia, but in a very unique manner. Anthony’s […]

3D Internet at the Center for Internet Excellence in Oulu Finland

Organizational Behavior in Scandinavia

We plan on investigating organizational behavior in Scandinavia. Specifically the differences that exist there when compared to other industrialized nations. Throughout the trip we will visit many companies in different regions of Scandinavia. We plan on evaluating our anecdotal experiences as well as those available through research. Key factors that we will focus on: – […]