Globalization of Mobile Phones

Today's society is one of infinite connectedness. There are no longer places in the world out of reach from that annoying ringing of a telephone.

Some of the more privileged in our society have had the ability to make calls from anywhere with satellite phone technology. Now it is possible from nearly everyone to make use of this through new economies of scale created by this mobile satellite to cellular base unit.

Michael still calls me quarterly from Ghana. I visited this country 2 years ago, but this does not stop our interaction. Ghana is one of the more developed countries in Africa, and it could be considered more globalized in terms of technology and culture. The future begins on the day that the poorest child in the least connected village anywhere in the world has the opportunity to call me and chat about how things are going on in their part of the world. Because of this device the only thing stopping us from reaching this new future is perhaps the language barrier, but then again perhaps I should learn more languages.

Ericsson has created this unit primarily for disaster situations. It works as a cell phone PBX system which will route local calls directly and long distance calls through a limited number of satellite channels. Powered completely with solar this single unit can connect a village in the middle of nowhere to a radio talk show host in the middle of Los Angeles.

In my opinion devices like this are the most important in creating a more connected and therefore more efficient world. Perhaps we are not far from the day that having a cell phone is consider a basic human right.


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