Top five special learning of business visiting in Sweden

Keolis Keolis is a Swedish public transportation manufacture company in Sweden. I was stunned by their innovative office facility. There is no fixed seat of any employee. Everyone can choose to sit in the public area to brain-storming with coworkers or sit in the quiet zone to focus on their work. I was impressed by […]

The most impressive facts in Sweden

Differences: Today, we met the mayor of Lulea and learned some interesting things about Lulea. The cross-cultural differences are totally different from U.S. Each year, during July to August, everyone has a summer vacation and all industries are shut down for 1 month due to the best weather of the year, the summer time. In […]

The special experience in Scandinavia

The special experience in Scandinavia Chienwen Fang This is my first time to have a trip to Europe. It is kind of step out my comfort zone so that I felt super exciting and a little bit anxious about it. I decide to buy the plane tickets two days earlier than the travel course with […]