The special experience in Scandinavia

The special experience in Scandinavia

Chienwen Fang

This is my first time to have a trip to Europe. It is kind of step out my comfort zone so that I felt super exciting and a little bit anxious about it. I decide to buy the plane tickets two days earlier than the travel course with other 7 classmates to Stockholm and a have an earlier exploration of the city.

There has the best weather ever in Stockholm when we arrived. Walk through the colorful buildings, I felt the breeze is kissing my face and the fresh air is washing out all my jet lag and tiredness. The sky is blue like a painting. I really enjoy the beautiful scenery along the river. It made me feel so relax and peaceful in my mind.


There is one thing removed from my dream to do list: have a cup of latte with foamed milk as a shape of heart in the street of Europe. The seats besides the street is everywhere in Sweden, which is very different from US and Taiwan. People love the sunshine in Sweden because they probably have relatively shorter summer than us. It seems like people here get used to enjoy the afternoon outdoor.

We arrived in Stockholm on the weekend, and luckily bumped into the native farmer market in the square. The strawberries are so sweet and delicious! And the size of strawberry is smaller than the specie of it in USA. We also bought the cherry. They’re the juiciest cherry I’ve ever had! Amazing tasty fruit experience in Sweden.

This is a famous ice cream in the old town in Stockholm. They have been posted in a lot of newspaper because of their cute decoration and the special flavor of ice cream. The scoop of ice cream I ate is blue berry lavender. It’s super tasty and unique to me! After a long walk under the super hot sunshine, an ice cream tastes like an angel from the heaven.

You will not believe that it’s about midnight in Sweden when I took this picture! I feel surprise when I watch my watch on the way back to the hostel. I felt so tired but did not recognize the time is late at all. Also, the same style of the street made every photo looks like a painting in the library. I sank in the beauty of Stockholm.

I’m so looking forward to what would happen next!!!