Top five special learning of business visiting in Sweden

  • Keolis

Keolis is a Swedish public transportation manufacture company in Sweden. I was stunned by their innovative office facility. There is no fixed seat of any employee. Everyone can choose to sit in the public area to brain-storming with coworkers or sit in the quiet zone to focus on their work. I was impressed by this concept to be innovative and concentrated in the same time. Also, their future visions give me a new viewpoint about public transportation features: electric, autonomous and shared. Technology is improving day by day; the AI is much smarter than before. It is to say, the hybrid, electric and autonomous transportation is imaginable future. However, shared bus is a crazy but reasonable idea to me. If the future bus can as convenient as the Uber, Uber would no longer exist! The light lunch they served is tasty and healthy.


  • H&M

Although we did not go to the headquarter of H&M, I still got a chance to meet Anton, a business development employee who work in the headquarter of H&M in Stockholm, Sweden. He had been studying one semester in Chapman as an exchange student. Anton is a charming and gentle Swedish, and gave me a lot of answers of H&M. For example, I always curious about the recycle second hand clothes promotion. Why they need such huge number of used shirts? Would they reproduce the cloth? His answer is very interesting: Sweden import trashes. Sweden need more flammable trashes to be the fuel to generate energy. In addition, he told us his shopping experience in their internal H&M ecommerce platform. Every employee can get the latest pieces for only one US dollar! It is insane!!! Unbelievable!!! Now, there is a new incentive that makes me want to work in H&M.


  • Spotify

I’m personally a loyal customer of Spotify premium. About 2 years ago, I joined the premium member for free in first three month and then I cannot stop it anymore. However, I have a lot of questions of Spotify as global viewpoint: how did they do the marketing in different country? How did they get the approval from the artist? How did they set the premium fee of different countries? I got some good answer from Katarina, the CHRO of Spotify Stockholm. The price of Spotify premium is referring to the price of big Mac in different countries. Also, the artist will be paid according to the hits of the songs. Spotify will collect the money from the brand who want to do advertise on Spotify or the members who paid the premium fee to compensate singers.