Ericsson – A company that does more than one would think

Ericsson was started in 1876 and has since established itself as a dominant player in the telecommunications industry. Since inception, Ericsson has had a strong desire to be at the forefront of technology and has invested consistent capital in research & development. Due to this, Ericsson has been the first to market on a wide […]

Best Work Place in Sweden- Klarna

We were kindly greeted by the staff at Klarna when we arrived. They were the first business office visit that actually printed us name tags! I felt very welcomed and appreciated. We had a tour around their offices (took up 4 floors and still growing). According to Susanne, HR Manager, they are hiring about 1 […]

A day in the life of Carl-Magnus Helgegren

Meet Carl-Magnus Helgegren- University teacher, freelance journalist, media mogul, reggae DJ, Iron-man triathlete, old school sailor, martial arts man, taxi driver, speaks 5 languages: French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and English, and studies systems science. A business entrepreneur at heart! Carl is a busy guy with many talents and occupations. I wonder when he finds the […]

Women equality in the workforce?

We have heard that employee happiness in Sweden is rated very high, however we wanted to find out whether women feel that they have the same rights as men in reaching leadership levels in organizations and whether they truly live a flexible work life.  I had a chance to interview Sandra Erkki, Project Manager at […]

Scandinavian Employee Quality of Life

Is Scandinavian employee quality of life better than the U.S.? Yes, according to our research from various news articles, the quality of life for the employees of Scandinavian companies has been said to be greater than U.S counterparts. However, we question whether this equates to quality of life across the board. Are minorities and females […]