Best Work Place in Sweden- Klarna

We were kindly greeted by the staff at Klarna when we arrived. They were the first business office visit that actually printed us name tags! I felt very welcomed and appreciated. We had a tour around their offices (took up 4 floors and still growing). According to Susanne, HR Manager, they are hiring about 1 new person every 2 days. The tour was very fascinating. We visited the rest area/cafeteria. There were several lounging sofas, boardgames, computers to check personal email, fruits, and plenty of coffee and tea. Each department had a small area for coffee/tea and fruits.

The name Klarna is very fitting for them as everything about the place seemed clear, open and bright. Every employee had the desk that could be moved up or down (for sitting or standing). Studies show that when you stand, it is good for blood flow and helps the brain work more effectively.

Klarna started up in 2007 with 3 ambitious men…now has over 700 employees in a matter of 5 years. Each employee that comes on board goes through a onboarding process. They receive two performance reviews a year. Susanne said that during the reviews, they go over a ‘development plan' for each employee. This allows the management to know where each employees desires are and where they want to go in their career. Not only do each employee feel they have a future with the company, an employee is selected each month as the “Star” employee by their own colleagues through nominations and votes. With all the perks, great work environment, wonderful product, and successful growth I am not at all surprised that they have been ranked the top 5 places to work in Swedenin 2012. Great job Klarna!

Tina & Jeremy