Scandinavia vs. US, where do you want to work?

In general, business operation is the United States is similar across the board in terms of goals/objectives. Businesses want to provide the best customer service and be profitable. While in Scandinavia, what we noticed from companies and businesses around the city is that employees are more relaxed and are enjoying work. In comparison, the work […]

Luleå Science Park

As the group headed south from Kukkolaforsen, a two-hour trip took us to the city of Luleå. The city of Luleå is home to the science park responsible for bringing Facebook’s newest datacenter to date back in 2011. The first presenter, CEO Matz Engman noted that “Facebook has put them on the map, in the […]

Spotify – The art of music storytelling

As the majority of the group decided to take the local bus to Spotify headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Kamran and I, decided to take the 25min walk to see the great scenery. Spotify, as the title say’s, wants to create personal global stories from their music, which is approximately 20 million songs compared to Pandora’s […]

Vision 2020

Day 1 was upon us; Gothenburg greeted us with a standing room only public transportation bus as we headed to Volvo Cars. The group was excited for this company visit, as we all knew that everyone would be able to drive demo cars around Volvo’s track. As the number one automaker in Scandinavia, Volvo Cars […]