Spotify – The art of music storytelling

As the majority of the group decided to take the local bus to Spotify headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Kamran and I, decided to take the 25min walk to see the great scenery.

Spotify, as the title say’s, wants to create personal global stories from their music, which is approximately 20 million songs compared to Pandora’s 5 million. This statistic alone is one of two selling points that Spotify let us know in their presentation, along with the ability to create playlists from previous music listened too. With over 10 million global subscribers it has become one of the world leading music providers and has become just as popular if not more popular in the U.S than the competitor Pandora (

As a global company, Spotify operates in many different markets with different demographics. Because of this, they do not have one specific business structure or business strategy model for the company. Any business structure or strategy model is specific to local market. What works for one market, may not work for other markets.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn represent the top 4 social media outlets for recruitment at Spotify. The company looks for individuals that have passion for music and are able to show this using media outlet. From touring the facility, Spotify has the relaxed work environment that definitely attracts the outsider coming in to tour the facility and possibly seeing this as a potential employer.IMG_0812