Vision 2020

Day 1 was upon us; Gothenburg greeted us with a standing room only public transportation bus as we headed to Volvo Cars. The group was excited for this company visit, as we all knew that everyone would be able to drive demo cars around Volvo’s track.

As the number one automaker in Scandinavia, Volvo Cars feels they are in the upward trend and believe marketing strategy will be key. Year 2010 proved to be a critical point in the future of Volvo, as Ford Motor’s Company a U.S based company sold Volvo to Geely Holding , a Chinese Investment group. This brought a new environment at Volvo Cars that would hopefully bring them to a prosperous future. A couple of their new philosophies at Volvo are: Customer driven, Personal Accountability, and Global. This is change from their previous philosophies of Engineer driven, Servants in a big system, and Gothenburg Centric respectively. Under new management Volvo is more optimistic about the future growth for the company. Volvo cars focuses on 3 main points:

  1. Safety
  2. Decreasing fuel emission
  3. Design vehicle around you
Pedestrian Airbag

Pedestrian Airbag

Volvo continues to increase the safety of their vehicles and at the same time lowering emissions. Vision 2020 is Volvo’s increasing determination to have a vehicle that will not produce a seriously injured driver/passenger and/or fatalities. In the longer prospective is that Volvo wants to have vehicle that do not crash at all.