Great Circle

Just as our plane followed the Great Circle from Los Angeles to Stockholm, our journey in to the business and cultural paradigms of Scandinavia followed. Prior to our trip, our only exposure to these has been through a few pre-trip classes by our professors, a handful of insightful articles, and a few trips to IKEA. […]

Wanna Go For a Ride?

One of the major highlights of Andrew and I’s trip would undoubtedly be our trip to Volvo Cars. Known for its reputation for focusing on safety, the last Swedish car manufacturer has been through survival trials of its own. After being bought by Ford in the 1990s and being unsuccessful, Volvo Cars is now owned […]

The Scandinavian Way

First off, on behalf of Team Gothenberg (Andrew and myself) my apologies for the delayed post as we spent the majority of our free-time enjoying the food, people, and culture Stockholm has to offer. 16 hours after departing LAX, our travels have taken us to the heart of Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city. Monday we visited […]