Back Home And Changed Indelibly

As we head off back to the white shores of home, we have time to reflect on what we have learned and how this experience has changed us. In this closing entry of the blog, we will each give our own opinion on this and some thoughts about the future of sustainability and its importance […]

The Blue Star of Sustainability

The last city we will be visiting on our journey across Scandinavia is Copenhagen. We have had the opportunity to visit businesses in all stages of their development, ranging from startups to fully matured companies. From our visit to Copenhagen, we have decided to examine how sustainability is upheld by the multinational shipping conglomerate Maersk. […]

The Flag Might be Blue and Yellow but the Country is Green As a Leaf

We have been gallivanting in Europe for quite a while now and seen much diversity in the variety of businesses and business practices we have encountered. The companies in Stockholm provided another fascinating layer to study and analyze in depth. The two companies we will be examining today are Ericsson and NorthVolt. Ericsson is an […]

Goin’ Green in Talinn!

Talinn, despite being a relatively new country formed in 1991, has grown and thrived under a capitalist administration. They also have a budding commitment to sustainability. This is illustrated by two institutions in the form of Mektory and Tehnopol. Mektory in short is a university project that works with both local and global companies to […]

Sustainability In All Of Its Forms-Helsinki

The Scandinavian ethos of sustainability is thriving. In regards to the green sphere, this is well illustrated by none other than the biggest bank in the region Nordea. Listed as one of the top 100 corporations in the world in regards to sustainability Nordea puts its money where its mouth is. In a recent effort […]

Team Kricket

Richard Lobel: Richard Lobel is a first year MBA student with a passion for history and finance. Currently he is working in an investment bank as a securities analyst. For over a decade investing has been his passion and now he finally is developing crucial work experience in that field. Richard it Rick is well […]