Goin’ Green in Talinn!

Talinn, despite being a relatively new country formed in 1991, has grown and thrived under a capitalist administration. They also have a budding commitment to sustainability. This is illustrated by two institutions in the form of Mektory and Tehnopol.

Mektory in short is a university project that works with both local and global companies to generate new ideas, train talent, and derive practical solutions to local problems. Over 200,000 such One such company it Utilitas. “Utilitas provides district heating to 4,825 buildings in eight cities across Estonia, including to more than 170,000 households ” By utilizing more local fuels that are renewable, they contribute to the sustainability effort. In olden times, fossil fuels were used, but the use of renewable sources such as timber allows for a sustainable and efficient use of resources that is a much more green option. Despite this increased use of renewable fuels, forestry in the country has actually increased to cover over fifty percent of the nation; an increase of ten percent.

Tehnopol is a start-up incubator loaded with big ideas and ambitious dreams. One of these dreams just so happens to be sustainability. This project known as InnoEnergy has a simple if lofty goal of making Europe 100% sustainable. In order to do this, the project has three “areas of innovation.”
1.) Education about demands of climate change, including investing in the classrooms themselves.
2.) Support innovative projects that advance the agenda.
3.) Support entrepreneurs who are taking steps to expand Europe's sustainability efforts.

While such ambitions may be misplaced, undoubtedly efforts such as this will incrementally lead the world to a better future. Talk to y'all again in beautiful Stockholm!