Team Kricket

Richard Lobel: Richard Lobel is a first year MBA student with a passion for history and finance. Currently he is working in an investment bank as a securities analyst. For over a decade investing has been his passion and now he finally is developing crucial work experience in that field. Richard it Rick is well traveled, having previously been to Scandinavia, but he’s never been on a travel course. Ricky is excited to see the world and learn about business practices in a new land.

Ken Yeh: Ken Yeh is a first year MBA student with a passion for data analytics. Being his first time in Europe, Ken is excited to experience new culture and admire various European architectures. Ken is also very intrigued by the Swedish ideal of Lagom and is very interested to learn more about it.

Our theme is sustainability. As proven by Greta, this is a powerfully influential topic in these Nordic countries. According to the Swedish government, of all European nations, Sweden has the highest percentage of renewable energy at roughly 47%. Greta has tapped into this passion and expanded upon it. She has galvanized a region and companies would be foolish to ignore this hugely important issue. This is why we feel strongly about focusing on this particular aspect. In each blog post we will focus on how different companies in this region of the world align their business with this crucial issue and how it drives their company culture.

Team Kricket on their way to Helsinki
One of our first encounters with sustainable technology is represented by this electric scooter.