How do you like Angry Birds?

  Well regardless if you are a hard core mobile gamer or not you should have heard about one of the most popular games in the world, Angry Birds! Once we got to Finland and dropped our luggage at the hotel we headed to Rovio Entertainment, the company behind Angry Birds. We arrived there and […]

Ericsson, “Communication is a Basic Human Need”

                                                                                           In our first business visit in Stockholm we had a chance to travel to Silicon Valley of Sweden, Kista and got to know Ericsson, one of the pioneers in communications infrastructure in the world first hand. It was fascinating to know that they have started the business over a century ago in such a […]

Five things you should know for doing business in Scandinavia (Team Bernadotte)

Scandinavian Region It is not just geographical region that consists of five countries that makes the region, it is more about the culture. They all share the Viking heritage and can understand each other’s language for the most part (applies to Denmark, Norway and Denmark). Organizational Structure Companies are following flat structure rather than hierarchies. […]