How do you like Angry Birds?


Well regardless if you are a hard core mobile gamer or not you should have heard about one of the most popular games in the world, Angry Birds!

Once we got to Finland and dropped our luggage at the hotel we headed to Rovio Entertainment, the company behind Angry Birds. We arrived there and were greeted by Samuli Kivilehto head of human resources department at Rovio.

He took us for a quick tour around the facility and presented us with Rovio’s history, target audience, current and future markets, and upcoming projects.

Shortly after the success of their international phenomenon, Angry Birds, Rovio expanded its products to publishing, licensing, and of course toys and clothing which currently account for 50% of their revenue. They have also started their own animated series, Angry Birds Toons which is being published on weekly basis (for now it is 52 episodes) and it is around the adventures of the birds and pigs. They are using Smart TV’s and video-on-demand channel providers around the world as their video distribution networks.

So far their games and videos have been downloaded 1.7 billion times around the world which means that almost one of every four people around the world downloaded their products. It creates a huge opportunity for them to use their brand and reputation for marketing their upcoming products successfully or partnering with other company within or outside of their industry to launch a new product.