#1 Paying Job on Forbes,*KoNE*

http://money.msn.com/personal-finance/10-top-paying-us-blue-collar-jobs Put very bluntly we all learned that the escalator in the elevator industry is 50%profit on the servicing and maintinence of elevators…no wonder it made for the #1 blue-collar job in America. No. 1: Elevator installers and repairers •Average annual salary: $73,560 •Average hourly wage: $35.37 •Average annual pay for top 10%: $105,750 •Total […]

When in Sweden…do the swed-do!

Everywhere I look from Piteau to Stockholm there is this ragin hairstyle that seems to have taken over the Swedish youth. So I thought that in order to properly immerse myself in the culture and blend in with the locals one needs to adapt to the local customs! I believe I have accomplished this mission […]

The Vinter Recession Article

Because those that are crazy enough to think they will change the world are the ones that actually do. “Think Different Apple Computers- Chiat Day agency” This was my favorite visit we have taken as a group so far on the Business in Scandinavia trip. I have been a longtime marketing man, the strategy, psychology […]

The Great Scandinavian Entrepreneurial Venture

After arriving to Helisinki from Riga Latvia at 130am I was greeted with an interesting surprise outside of the terminal while dragging my bags behind me. I even tried to deny myself the pleasure, and take Dr. Myhr’s advice to ride the bus to the central station and take a taxi from there, however the […]


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