The Vinter Recession Article

Because those that are crazy enough to think they will change the world are the ones that actually do. “Think Different Apple Computers- Chiat Day agency”

This was my favorite visit we have taken as a group so far on the Business in Scandinavia trip. I have been a longtime marketing man, the strategy, psychology and ability to influence a sale with media is just scratching the surface as to why I love marketing. In fact I am so enthralled about this industry that for years I will openly admit that I enjoy watching commercials on TV more than the actual shows (especially when it comes to the competition of commercials v. reality TV).

Right when I walked in it was as if I had been placed into a modern day version of a Scandinavian MAD MEN advertising agency. Full of open floor-space in order to promote clear communication and a cooperative work environment, racks of awards that they had won proudly displayed as badges of honor, along with a slew of magazines lined up to show past material they had composed. I felt at home walking into that office; an environment perfectly suited for me to be creative, strategic, and insightful!

After listening to the owner/past CEO (who stepped down from the position on his own accord, in order to have the company run more efficiently) I loved his ideals and passion that he brought to the business. In fact my favorite line of his speech was:” We are different, we always try to be different and do the opposite thing, that is the only way to stand out and create attention.” I could not agree with him more; in business that is the only way to be successful. To take on the risk of breaking the common mold. Shaking up the environment in a way that people would think you are crazy, or to achieve a goal that is impossible. I did hear a great story about how he achieved this within the company and took on the risk and claimed the reward.

The Vinter Recession Article: In 2007 when the economy was slumping, advertising budgets were being cut, and corporations with over-leveraged portfolios were hemorrhaging money; Vinter wanted no part in this. In fact they wanted to continue to run as if there was no recession in sight (this did take on a sour note when a journalist created a misconstrued article saying that they were going to save everyone from the recession!)

I thought this was a genius move on the company’s part, to create an article so cunning and witty that showed the world that they were unconventional and not going to go with the grain. It reminded me of the episode in MAD MEN when they lost the Lucky Strike account. It was a devastating blow for the company and everybody in town knew about it. If fact it was so horrible that the whole company could have gone under unless a bold move was taken. LEAVE IT TO DONALD DRAPPER TO TAKE LEMONS AND MAKE SWEET JUICE OUT OF IT! He created an article saying that they dropped Lucky Strike and would no longer work with sinful companies ever again.

Moral of the Story: Vinter and MAD MEN made the same move. Refusing to accept a bad situation and just bend over to its powerful force to slow business. They would strategically show that they were the ones in command and were unwilling to relent. A powerful move that proves it pays to be different!

Jonathan Ruffalo, Luisa “The Wonderful” Valera, Ebrahim “The Great”