Wealth and Happiness

Through this trip I have posted blogs that thematically connect Scandinavian culture, values, and history to the innovation, progress, and practices of both newer and more established businesses. For this last post I would like to view the trip from another angle, looking at my experiences through the lens of a public accountant. Over the […]

Blown Away

Countries in Scandinavia gain wealth through their plentiful, yet narrow variety of raw materials. With an abundance of iron ore, oil, and beech trees, the nations have no difficulty in maintaining a strong economy through international trade. Unfortunately, natural resources can be depleted or lose value in an ever-changing market. In order to plan for […]

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Pagen has been baking bread through 5 generations, and over the past 135 years the small family bakery has become an international success. In 1961, the company designed an office space with an open floorplan, which is now very common in Swedish office design. In newer companies it is difficult to determine whether this layout […]

Assets and Liabilities

When in the process of hiring new employees, companies tend to evaluate potential job candidates’ value to the firm based on their grades, standardized test scores, and academic involvement. While this method of comparison is straightforward and easy to apply, it is not necessarily the most effective way to ensure that the company is hiring […]

The Stress on the Press

In 1766, Sweden’s Freedom of Press Act became the world’s first law supporting the freedom of speech. With the abolishment of censorship and a lack of restriction came the rise of the publication of newspapers with new, important content. How, then, following the same analytical trend of previous posts, did this historical accomplishment promote innovation […]

Trust and Technology

The US population’s trust in the government has declined from 75% in 1960 to 19% in 2015. The Vietnam war, the Watergate scandal, Edward Snowden, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the ever-increasing level of debt, and the 2008 financial crisis are a few of the many potential explanations for Americans’ mistrust of the government. […]

Preservation and Innovation

Walking through Stockholm, the center of one of the most innovative cultures in the world, I was surprised to see the impeccable preservation of the buildings and the historical landmarks. Old Town Stockholm’s narrow cobblestone streets took me back to the 16th century, and the cafés and shops lining the streets embraced their history while […]