Our wrap up of the amazing trip! :D

We cannot beileve how fast the trip has flown by. We are now sitting in the hotel café, reflecting on our company visits and what we have learned about competititve advantage in Scandinavia. A few themes that we have noticed as a whole is that many Scandinavian companies focus on corporate social responsibility, diversity, and […]

Discovering Diversity in Scandinavia!

After visiting several companies around the three countries, Sweden, Estonia, and Finland. We recognized that diversity is an important aspect in the Scandinavian work place. Diversity is not only an important aspect of corporate culture, but in the Scandinavia culture as a whole. We have been aware that Scandinavian companies are very modern and progressive […]

Finally in Stockholm!

After our first stop in Gothenburg, we were finally heading to Stockholm! Stockholm is known for being the ‘silicon valley’ of Europe. Since we both have visited the San Francisco, we were eager to see the differences between the start up culture in Stockholm versus San Francisco. During our second day in Stockholm, we visited […]

SAAB and Sustaining a Competitive Advantage!

During our second day in Gothenburg, we visited the Defense and Security company (SAAB). SAAB serves an international market (Such as South Korea and the United States) with services, products and military defense solutions. Although we had little knowledge of SAAB, we were excited to learn more about SAAB’s international role in defense and security. […]

Our lovely visit to Volvo!

Our first day in Gothenburg, Sweden we visited Volvo’s Brand Experience Center. Before we embarked on our journey to Sweden, we had little brand awareness of Volvo. It is actually both our first time in Scandinavia! In this blog, we discuss how Volvo can sustain a competitive advantage with today’s evolving consumer behavior within the […]