Stockholm – Sweden’s Innovative Consultants

Surviving in today's global market is serious business. Since large companies have experienced a dramatic decrease in longevity over the past 80 years, it's vital to focus on the future to survive. The average S&P 500 company has only a life span of 10-15 years in today's market economy. Companies need to balance looking at the future and implementing a strategy that captures the current business trend while being as innovative as possible.

Companies that utilize innovative consulting firms, or have an internal department, are looking to take a competitive step outside their core business model to capture the rapidly changing increasingly complex world, or a “raplex” world, coined by a Swedish company Kairos Future. Kairos Future and Ziggy are two Swedish consulting firms that help companies like Volvo, IBM, Nissan, Saab, and Carlsberg Brewery with future business models.

Ziggy showed us how creative technology hasn't even come close to being utilized to its potential. One example given was an automotive driving sensor that gathers driving data and compares everyone to be able to code everyone with a true “safe” or “unsafe” driver label. One possible benefit if utilized one day would be to accurately reduce an insurance company's risk and the consumers' rate plan. Another benefit found from a study done with this sensor monitoring was a significant decrease in automotive fatalities compared to areas that did not use the monitoring automobiles. It's in our nature to do better when we are monitored, especially if we are financially rewarded for it.

Kairos Future illustrated the process for analyzing a company based on their current business model, industry, and relevant social trends. They streamlined the process for companies to change. The longer the process takes the less relevant the results become by the time the process is finished.

Innovative consulting firms can capitalize on the demand of a large company's need to innovate, and produce products that consumers will gladly pay a premium for. We all want more, but we also want it to be instant, and being able to provide a product or product experience as instantly and conveniently as possible was one of the goals of Ziggy. Feel free to visit then at

The future is where we are headed and it's where we need to look in order to experience the future today.