Ericsson World in Sweden!!


This visit was one of most interesting visits that we had. Ericsson was very well know as one of the big guys in mobil industry, specially in Middle East region. However, now they stepped away from that focus and moved to be more specialize in Satellite technology and other innovation. Once we entered the entrance hole of the corporate, everything was very entertaining. They starts the presentation by talking about the company background and how is idea of this business come out, and talk about the entire different stages of their business models from beginning till now. Their main focus now is to bring technology to everyday life activities. Starting from using the satellite technology controlling your car trip, medical devices, emergency situation and environment. Now you can stay at home and keep in communicating with your Specialist through their technology. More over, students that with special needs now can do school from home. Ericsson has invented an unique wirelessly control robot machine, which can sets in the classroom and has fully controlled by the student at home. Act and interact with everything that going in the school. In addition to that, Ericsson is taking the lead in developing solar panel units that could provide communication signals where could be used in remote area`s like jungle or deserts in third world countries. The bottom line here is that Ericsson is taking a foothold in innovation technology in both industry Satellite and clean technology, and they gonna be the best direction for any party looking to get involved in this business field.


Jonathan R, Ebrahim, and Luisa V.