Cafe Opera – Stockholm

Last Night in Stockholm

Like most great cities in Europe Stockholm has a very active nightlife with many bars and nightclubs to keep you entertained and engaged with the locals. At the forefront of the nightclub scene is Café Opera, labeled as the best nightspot in all of Stockholm. Unfortunately, my stay in Stockholm was accompanied by a heavy daily workload. Due to my educational demands I was only able to venture out and experience the Stockholm nightlife on two occasions. However, on these two occasions I decided to enjoy the lavish ambiance of Café Opera.

Café Opera is truly one of the most picturesque clubs I have visited in any country. And offers both House and Hip-hop in an eclectic mix throughout the night, I think I even heard a little Rock. The minimum age was 23 years old and there was a $30 dollar cover charge. Drinks were moderately priced and the bar service was acceptable. When it comes to the dress code the majority of the occupants were dressed to impressed with most guys wearing sport coats with collared shirts and the women in dresses.

Overall, I can see why Café Opera is the go to spot when the Sweden Futbol team hosts victory parties. It is a great venue to enjoy a classy night out under the sun of summer Stockholm nights.

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