On June 9, 2012, we visited a vintage leather product manufacture- Böle. Böle was built in 1899 and have been up for four generations. Over the past 100 years, Böle has a reputation of high-quality and custom-made products. To produce a premium product, Böle uses high-quality materials, a traditional process, and highly skilled craftsmen. They use reindeer skin to increase the durability and strengths of the products. Moreover, Böle uses natural elements to soften the leathers, such as wood and water whereas other companies use chemicals that shorten the length of the process from 1 year to 20 to 30 hours. Although technologies have improved, the manufacturing has increased volume, Böle still insists on hand-made rather than machine to create uniqueness and high-quality.

I am impressed by the production process of the leather production factory. It is not as easy as I think, and I was surprised that Böle’s insists on hand-made and natural process. Facing China’s copycats, I believe that Böle still has the competitive advantage among its competitors. First, there is a story behind the product. Moreover, Böle’s quality is a guarantee. Stories, or quality, are hard to copy, but can add value into the product. Also, classic or authentic product can last longer because consumers’ behaviors are changing all the time. Copycats might hurt Böle shortly, but Böle can be proved by time.

Wendy & Joy


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