Sad to Say its Over

Boy this trip was a wild one! In the final half of our trip we got to visit Sweden and Denmark. The journey to Sweden was a MISSION. We took an overnight boat from Estonia to Sweden and this night ended up being one of the best/worst times on the trip. I get extremely sea […]

Es-stole Our Hearts

Here we are! BACK AT IT AGAIN. The dynamic duo, Angelica and Zent. This time on our next adventure we decided to take a BOAT to our next location instead of a plane. I (Angelica) got motion sickness and did not enjoy the boat ride over to the beautiful land of Estonia. Estonia was an […]

Finland’s Different Business Perspectives

Angelica: HELLO! As mentioned in the first blog, I made it to Finland before Zent could. I was able to visit the first business stop of our trip, Nordea Bank. Nordea as a whole operates a “one bank model” and is the largest financial service group in the Nordics. They are a top-ten European retail […]

Los Angeles to Helsinki

When traveling, we hope that all things go according to plan. Unfortunately sometimes unplanned things happen, flights get delayed, and plans fall through. Angelica and Zent intended to arrive in Helsinki along with the rest of the Chapman University Business in Scandinavia class and prepare a vlog documenting the trip including the first business tour […]