Los Angeles to Helsinki

When traveling, we hope that all things go according to plan. Unfortunately sometimes unplanned things happen, flights get delayed, and plans fall through. Angelica and Zent intended to arrive in Helsinki along with the rest of the Chapman University Business in Scandinavia class and prepare a vlog documenting the trip including the first business tour of Nordea bank.

The problem was that Zent's flight from Stockholm to Helsinki was cancelled and he ended up missing the first business visit to Nordea. Zent was stuck in Stockholm for a day while waiting for the next available flight out to Helsinki. Instead of including the visit to the bank in the video, they included a traditional Swedish breakfast which came complete with fish eggs in a metal tube. The woman at the hotel recommended that the fish egg paste be placed as a condiment on top of the eggs.

The flavor was surprising and Zent found it to be very interesting, however in the future he will continue to use salt and pepper to season his eggs.

Angelica was fortunate enough to not have to deal with cancelled flights. She was one of the first people to take off early and she landed in London where she spent the day there sight seeing. This is her first time ever going abroad so she was ready for an amazing experience with some of her best friends.

Angelica eventually flew into Helsinki and really got to experience some true Finnish culture thanks to her newly made Finnish friend. She got to take a boat ride to her friend's private island, experience the Finland nightlife, and even went to the Löyly sauna where she got to jump into the Baltic Sea!

After finally arriving in Helsinki, Zent, Angelica and fellow classmates took some time to tour Helsinki. They visited the Helsinki Cathedral, the Helsinki Kauppatori, and the Suomenlinna sea fortress! All of these sights are included in the youtube video below.

Angelica and Zent plan to focus on international cross cultural business issues that they find interesting within all the business they visit within each country on their Scandinavia trip for these next two weeks. Continue to follow them on their journey and see what kind of adventures they can get themselves into.